Media Training

What’s the biggest problem you face?

Does your spokesperson waffle? Are they a loose cannon? Would they rather have root canal than do media interviews?

Do you struggle to get others to sign off on messaging, statements or releases? Or appreciate journalists’ deadlines?

Do you sometimes wonder “Is this even going to get a run?”

Media Training
Online Media Training

We can solve those problems, answer those questions, make your life simpler.

We’ll provide you with proven theory and techniques and will put it all into practice in interviews, role plays and exercises. This is when you’ll see results.

You’ll also be treated to examples from the vast library of video and audio clips we’ve amassed so you can benefit from seeing people get it right … and wrong.

Media Training Workshops

Managing the Media

Very few people are born natural media performers – most of us need some help.

Whether participants have interview experience or are new to the media, our training will equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to deal with interviews proficiently.

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Maximising the Media

Designed for those who are experienced media performers but want to further hone their interview skills.

They’ve likely undergone previous media training but need a refresher and want to take their skillset to the next level.

This workshop is ideal for executives and can be conducted one-on-one.

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Media Essentials

This workshop is designed to cater to people who won’t front the media but need a good understanding of how journalists operate and ways to achieve positive coverage.

It enables them see the world through journalists’ eyes so they’re better equipped to help and provide useful material to those within their organisation who deal directly with the media.

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Handling Difficult Questions

It’s not just journalists who ask difficult questions, they can come from anywhere – customers, shareholders, staff, locals, parents, donors. The list is endless.

This workshop focuses exclusively on how to handle those questions with integrity and grace.

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Message Development

Worried your messages aren’t getting through? Or are you so overwhelmed with information you don’t know where to start?

We’ll help you achieve cut-through with checklists and techniques for crafting the right messages, for the right audiences, delivered in the right way.

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Media Release Writing

Whether you’re new to media release writing or experienced but in need of inspiration, this workshop will help you.

It covers every aspect of crafting media releases so that they have cut-through with journalists.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Best media training in my 25-year career. I wish I had this knowledge years ago. Very relevant and useable 10/10.

Lee Burdett NSW DPI Fisheries