Media Release Writing

Whether you’re new to media release writing or experienced but in need of inspiration, this workshop will help you.

It covers every aspect of crafting media releases so that they have cut-through with journalists.
You’ll master:
  • The key news ingredients and how to incorporate them.
  • Developing and honing angles.
  • How to pique the media’s interest in your organisation
  • Strategic planning – what to include, what to exclude.
  • A tried and tested release structure.
  • Media-friendly language and layout.
  • Crafting quotes for maximum impact.
  • Attention grabbing headlines.
  • Embargoes and judicious editing.
  • Value adding – what else you can offer.
  • The art of the pitch.
  • Deadlines, lead times and the news cycle.
  • When and how to follow up.

    Participants complete a series of exercises throughout the workshop to cement the principles taught and highlight their progress.

    Participants complete a series of exercises throughout the workshop to cement the principles taught and highlight their progress.

    What Our Clients are Saying

    Best media training in my 25-year career. I wish I had this knowledge years ago. Very relevant and useable 10/10.

    Lee Burdett NSW DPI Fisheries

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